One of the most popular holiday traditions among Americans is taking a photo with Santa Claus at shopping malls. Mall Santa’s have been around for over 100 years and recently the mall Santa experience has become a virtual one.


Thousands of nurses and healthcare workers across the nation went on a 24-hour strike Wednesday demanding better resources in hospitals for treating patients with Ebola. Nurses in DC took part in the strike organized by national nurses united and protested outside of providence hospital.


Nearly 20,000 people gathered in Dupont Circle Tuesday night for the 28th Annual High Heel Race. This year’s Pre-Halloween Celebration is said to be the largest in it’s history.


Nearly one in three honeybee colonies died last winter, and that’s affecting the nations food supply. Pesticides and viruses are among the factors. American University’s Beekeeping Society is trying to keep the buzz on campus.


The DC area caters to tourists as well as pets. In Old Town Alexandria, not only can you shop with them, but even more surprisingly there’s a happy hour for them. On Thursdays at 5 p.m. at Jackson 20 inside of The Hotel Monaco Alexandria, owners can enjoy some downtime with their canine companions.


I did a four-part podcast series on how false news stories on social media may impact journalism and potential laws that could form. In Part 2, I discuss the Obsidian Finance Group v. Cox case with John Watson, professor and Journalism Division Director at American University. We also talk about his proposal for licensing journalists. In Part 3, I talk with my journalism colleague Ryan Schuette about how false news stories could impact our work as journalists. We also talk about his freelance journalism work in Africa and how some countries have their own form journalistic as a freelance journalist in other countries.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4