U.S. Materials Airdropped to Kurds Land in ISIS Hands

The Pentagon has admitted some packages carrying weapons and medical supplies that were air dropped in Kobani over the weekend may have landed in the hands of the terrorist group ISIS.

Earlier this week the Pentagon said 27 of 28 airdropped U.S. supplies reached Kurdish forces fighting in Kobani and only one was destroyed by the U.S. after it went astray.

Today, a defense official told reporters out of the 28 airdropped supply packages, one may have ended up in the hands of ISIS. This information comes a day after the terrorist group released a video claiming to have U.S. ammunition and medical equipment that was air dropped to Kurdish forces.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren says one bundle of supplies isn’t enough to give the enemy advantage and ISIS already has items such hand grenades that are in the supplies. He also says there are extra bundles that are air dropped in case some go astray.

“There is always going to be some margin of error in these types of operations. We routinely overload these aircraft because we know that some bundles may go astray.”

Col. Warren says weather could be a reason the supplies went off course and weather is a predictable hazard for air drop missions.

“Elements of weather can affect the exact execution of these operations. This is something we plan for and adjust for. there is always a chance that some items will stray from the directed course.”

Col. Warren says the U.S. will continue airstrikes in Iraq and Syria to destroy ISIS. The pentagon says ISIS taking over Kobani is not a threat to the U.S.